October meeting

October will see the launch of the RIFT audit. This will be the next multicentre audit from the WMRC and follows in the footsteps of the very successful appendicitis audit in 2012.
The audit will be fully explained with extended discussion around all aspects of the audit.
We would encourage consultants from across the region to attend with a view to being a local PI and any grade trainee/doctor to come to hear how they can set up the audit in their hospital.
This will be a very informal meeting with the emphasis on interaction. It is an ideal opportunity to come along and get involved.

Right Iliac Fossa pain Treatment (RIFT) audit

The West Midlands Research Collaborative – RIFT Audit Group

Background: Right iliac fossa (RIF) pain is a common presenting symptom. Differentiating those patients who may have acute appendicitis (AA) is clinically challenging. The Alvarado and AIR appendicitis risk stratification scores have been developed to guide the investigation and management of AA, but are rarely used in clinical practice. The current investigation and management of RIF pain and AA varies across the UK.
Endpoints: The audit standards are: 1) All patients at low or medium risk of appendicitis should have imaging prior to operative management; 2) where appropriate, appendectomy should be performed laparoscopically.
Methods: Data will be collected over a two-week period in the spring of 2017, and will include: the clinical presentation; the laboratory investigations; imaging results; operative method; histological results and 14-day re-admission rate. Participation from 100 centres is estimated to recruit 1000 patients with right iliac fossa pain who may have appendicitis. The study will be performed using a standardised pre-determined protocol and an anonymous, online database (REDCap).
Conclusion: This study will describe the risk stratification and current management of right iliac fossa pain and acute appendicitis in the UK.

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