December update

Dear Members

National Research Collaborative Meeting

Our monthly meeting this week was very well attended and everyone got stuck in to discuss our plans to host the National Research Collaborative Meeting in late 2017. Having kicked off preparation with an endorsement by members of the committee’s target for 300 students and trainees to attend NRCM, we now need a large team to deliver this ambitious project. There will be a further evening meeting in Harborne in the week commencing Monday 12th December to plan further activity in more detail. Everyone is welcome to attend – please let Rich know if you’d like to join (richardwilkin at doctors.org.uk).

CholeS – get involved!

A fantastic total of four papers have now been published based on the CholeS dataset. The CholeS team are holding a meeting at 6.30pm, Monday 12th December, QE Hospital to plan further CholeS activity. Everyone is welcome to attend – please let Paul know if you’d like to join (pmarriott at doctors.org.uk).

NASBO – get involved at Coventry and Worcester!

The National Small Bowel Obstruction Audit is our joint project with the South Yorkshire Research Collaborative. You can find detailed information at http://www.nasbo.org.uk.

All West Midlands sites have signed up to participate except Coventry. Richard Lovegrove is the local PI at Worcester but no trainees have yet registered an interest in collaborating there. If you are at Coventry or Worcester, please contact Paul (pmarriott at doctors.org.uk) and Pritam (pritams21 at hotmail.com) to get involved.

RIFT protocol published!

The Right Illiac Fossa Treatment (RIFT) study follows the National Appendicectomy Audit (2012, six published papers) and CholeS (2014, four published papers) as our next national cohort study. We are aiming to collect data across all UK surgical units to RIFT. The study will explore RIF pain diagnostic pathways and validate appendicitis risk scores. As with all WMRC studies, all collaborators will be awarded PubMed-citable co-authorship.

The RIFT protocol has now been published! Find it online at: http://wmresearch.org.uk/?page_id=573

If you are interested in getting involved, please email RIFTstudy at gmail.com.

Next monthly meeting

Our next monthly meeting will take place in January (6.30pm 9th January 2017, QE Hospital). Please note the deferred date due to the Bank Holiday on the first Monday of the month.